2021 Nest Monitoring Program 

The eagles are indeed back, and ECC is looking for additional information on how they areadapting to the recovering Anacostia Watershed. In the 2021 season, ECC will engage the community in a nest monitoring project. This project will focus not only on active bald eagle nests in the Washington, DC, but on other birds that call the Anacostia River “home” –the kestrels, osprey and even the wood ducks.


The Nest Monitoring Program is a volunteer-driven citizen science program supported by ECC field staff that serves as a means not only to better understand how eagles and other raptors and their prey are faring in their urban environment, but to provide opportunities for the community to connect with these amazing creatures, have a role in their protection, and connect with each other.  


This monitoring program will be two-fold; it will include both in-person observations by our field staff and viewing through active web cameras as in years past.  These cameras will again give the world a bird’s eye view of wildlife on the Anacostia.  Observations, videos and more will be shared through ECC’s Raptor Watch Blog and social media platforms so you can follow these birds as they live and nest in their urban habitats.  


Are you interested in being a part of this exciting effort? If you would like to give of your time observing, documenting, and discussing these beloved birds or just want to find out more about this exciting program, let us know. Sign up to receive updates and join our 2021 Nest Study by filing out this form:

(202) 479.4505

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