They Called Us Pioneers 

Some people laughed when we said we were going to bring a dead river to life...but others saw that if you give  Mother Nature a hand miracles canhappen.  A few waded out and joined us in the muck.  As the river began to heal, the few became a bunch, who brought hundreds and launched a  movement.








A River Reborn- A Crises Remains

A rainbow coalition from far and wide joined in and today the Anacostia is a thriving ecosystem with bald eagles soaring above a major economic engine but the job is far from done. The crucial part of our mission  "our endangered youth'" remains unresolved. Many of Washington's teenagers still face the same challenges of poverty and violence of thirty years ago and young people everywhere know our war on the natural systems threatens their future. 


Together We Can Heal the World

Earth Conservation Corps still believes the solution lies in youth engagement. We are committed to continuing to bring the resources and engagement with nature that will build the STEM Warriors and active conservationists who will continue to show the world that we thrive by making peace with nature.



Citizen Science

  • Anacostia Raptor Watch is a citizen science program that engages the community in monitoring  the  birds  that call the Anacostia River ” home. The well-being of the prey animals and the water quality of the river are crucial for top level predators to survive... Including us   learn more

Active Conservation

Earth ConservationCorps goal is to provide life-changing opportunities for members of our communitywhile also caring for the urban habitat outside our door. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities, gain the confidence to fulfill their potential, and change their life trajectory.


 A bold experiment on a once forgotten 880-acre farm in the heart of Maryland’s Anne Arundel County at the headwaters of the Patuxent River. A program that engages the youth at Capital Guardian Youth ChalleNGe and New Beginnings Youth Development Center with birds of prey through hands-on learning, service opportunities and science education.

Join the Movement 

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