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Wings Campus Vision
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Rodney Stotts with our owl, Mr. Hoots & Capital Guardian cadets

Humans have been fascinated with Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, and Owls for thousands of years. By teaching elements of the ancient art and science of falconry, we empower youth to care for birds of prey and reconnect to nature.  

Learning about raptor research & conservation for a wild raptors is a transformative experience that inspires both a thirst for STEAM education and a reconnection to self. The relationship offers mutual healing. The raptor gets a second chance for survival and the relationship can change the course of a young person’s life. Many will gain a lifetime connection to raptors and conservation. On returning home to DC, our Anacostia River education centers - The Monique Johnson Anacostia River Center and The Matthew Henson Earth Conservation Center - offer a seamless path for the youth to a build on their knowledge of science and nature.

 The American Kestrel

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Americorp graduate, Robert West teaching about birds of prey

Two of Earth Conservation Corps' bald eagles, Liberty & Justice. Pictured from live nest feed, 2017.


Check out these recent images of the Fresh Start Project Capital Guardian cadets hard at work as they build the first installation of our Wings Campus -- The 120 ft Eagle Aviary.

Thank You cadets!

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Another very special Thank You to Greenspur, who have donated their time to complete construction on the aviary